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Embossing tool double-ended

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The embossing technique consists of pushing a paper back to the edges of a hollow form in a light cardboard sheet (see short description below) : calligraphy suits wonderfully to this technique of lettering.
The tools we propose here have two ends with a small metal ball. For each model a diameter of about 1,5 mm, and a choice of 2 mm, 2,5 mm, 3 mm.

Technique of embossing:
- Draw or calligraphy the letter or word you want to emboss
- Put your drawing on a light cardboard (0.75 mm, ideal thickness!)
- Carefully cut out this letter (using a scalpel or triangular blade cutter: new blades whenever possible)
- Place this cardboard matrix behind a sheet of medium-sized gramming paper (we strongly recommend two excellent embossing papers: Ingres MBM and Vélin d'Arches)
- using the stylus, gradually push the paper back along the edges of the cardboard, taking care not to pierce the sheet
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