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Medieval tempera for pigment-based painting

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Traditionnal tempera to prepare the painting, 30 ml.

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This is our home-made tempera, traditionally used for to make the pigment-based paint. Composed of broken egg white, honey water and Arabic gum, it will allow you to make a mixture usable to paint your illumination (see below: The Calligrapher’s Tips). Glass bottle 30 ml.
Our tempera has a natural preservative and can be stored for several months, even after opening.
Put a small quantity of pigment on a sandblasted glass or ceramic plate. Add a few drops of tempera (variable amount depending on the nature of the pigment), and grind the mixture, either with a glass muller or more simply with a painter’s knife, until you get a soft and very smooth dough, which you can use immediately, or also store in a plastic pan or pallet with compartments, and let it dry : the colour will thus be preserved without problem and can be reused later by wetting with water.
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