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Quill, model « Voltaire »

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Goose quill cut for calligraphy

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Beautiful goose quill (about 30 cm) cut for calligraphy. Natural grey barbs, narrow shaft. Point width about 1mm, very soft. It is a traditional type of pen, one of the the most faithful to the historical reality of this tool.

This traditional calligraphy tool is handcrafted in our shop.
IMPORTANT: the slit of the end of this tool, which gives it its soupless and sensitivity, is also what gives it fragility. For hands a little heavy, or in the case of use between inexperienced fingers, we recommend checking the option « end not split », this will extend the life of your pen...

For a longer autonomy with ink, we advise you to adapt a small « reservoir » that you will make very easily (see our photo) : cut out a strip about 2 mm wide by 3 cm in length from the light metal of a soda can. Curve it as shown on our model, and insert it into the shaft of the feather, the end coming to be placed a few millimetres behind the edge.
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