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Review of Claudio B on Quill, model « Beaumarchais »

Quill, model « Beaumarchais » Quill, model « Beaumarchais »
Beautiful goose quill (about 30 cm) cut for calligraphy. Natural white barbs, narrow shaft. Point width about 1mm, very soft. It is the most traditional type of pen, the most faithful to the historical reality of this tool.

This traditional calligraphy tool is handcrafted in our shop.

IMPORTANT: the slit of the end of this tool, which gives it its soupless and sensitivity, is also what gives it fragility. For hands a little heavy, or in the case of use between inexperienced fingers, we recommend checking the option « end not split », this will extend the life of your pen...

For a longer autonomy with ink, we advise you to adapt a small « reservoir » that you will make very easily (see our photo) : cut out a strip about 2 mm wide by 3 cm in length from the light metal of a soda can. Curve it as shown on our model, and insert it into the shaft of the feather, the end coming to be placed a few millimetres behind the edge.
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- Review added the Wednesday 03 May 2023by Claudio B

Perfect, well cutted