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Review of Hans G on Oblique pen-holder Le Calligraphe

Oblique pen-holder Le Calligraphe Oblique pen-holder Le Calligraphe

You had the choice until now, for oblique pen-holder, only between the basic plastic model by Hunt, or the very beautiful but very expensive versions in precious wood that we see blooming here and there, in the United States or elsewhere...
The Calligraphe now resolves this dilemne, with this painted and varnished wood pen holder, equipped with an inclined metal tip into which the pen fits! Pleasant, light, elegant (and not very expensive!), this is what you need!
Most nibs fit on it.

Do not use with an oblique nib (Mitchell Copperplate, Baïonnette etc...)


The fonction of the angle in these pen-holders is to facilitate the angle of inclination particular to the Copperplate or Spencerian script, without twisting the wrist).

Pen holder sold without nib.

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- Review added the Saturday 07 October 2023by Hans G

Is a bit more girthy than the basic Speedball plastic model but still very light. Excellent design.