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Review of Marita D on Iron gall ink 45 ml

Iron gall ink 45 ml Iron gall ink 45 ml

The « queen » of inks, made in our shop according to traditional medieval recipes, based on oak gall extract and iron salts. It offers the particularity of being first grey at the trace, then darkening in the following minutes (intensity varies according to the ink load, the width of the line and especially the support: if it is acidic, or of neutral pH, the ink remains rather grey; if it is basic, it darkens more). Its exceptional finesse makes it recommended for all work requiring great precision (small modules, copperplate script). Bottle of 45 ml.


Made in France

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- Review added the Thursday 15 July 2021by Marita D

I love this ink. In comparison to Indian ink it seems more viscose, meaning that if you draw a long line, the line becomes lighter in color, but doesn't start to show holes as is the case with the Indian ink.