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Organic calligraphy ink 15 ml complete range
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Organic calligraphy ink 15 ml complete range

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Ink made with organic elements

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Those inks, 100% natural, are made from organic extracts: this is the secret of these soft and shimmering colors. Small 15 ml glass bottle with dropper to fill directly the reservoir of the nib.

The complete range of 7 colors :

1. Turmeric yellow, made from the plant of the same name, offers a beautiful golden yellow, for a delicately perfumed ink
2. the violet of elder. This shrub (Sambucus Nigra) with broad white flowers (yellow tincture) gives in autumn clusters of purple berries (blue tincture). It is the juice of the elderberry berries that is used to prepare this ink, which you will appreciate for its soft shade evolving in time towards the purplish gray.
3. Brazil red, a beautiful brown red colour, is obtained from the tannin extracted from the fine wood chips of Brazil (Caesalpina), a tree which gave its name to the country, where it is present along the coast.
4. indigo turquoise, a beautiful shade of deep blue, is derived from the leaves of the indigotier (Indigofera tinctoria), a shrub from warm climates, originally discovered in India. This plant has been used for thousands of years for its tinctorial qualities.
5. turmeric green and indigo, is a mixture obtained from the crucuma and indigotier (see above), giving a natural green pulling on the yellow.
6. the black of Campêche. The Campêche (Haematoxylon campechianum) is a Central American tree, whose tannin has been used for a long time to dye fabric (priests' robes were dyed with campêche), to colour leather and to make this resistant ink.

In addition to this plant range, you will also enjoy an "organic" ink (animal):

7. Cochineal red, this small insect (Dactylopius coccus) parasite of plants, which, once dried and powdered, gives this beautiful bright red colour. It is still today the origin of the common food dye E120!

Caution: these natural shades are likely to change over time, which is not a quality defect. In particular, the green can turn brown or yellow and the violet can turn grey...

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