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500 prénoms calligraphiés

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120 pages of names, calligraphy by Vincent Geneslay

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This book presents the names in calligraphy (published in video on social networks), between February 1, 2022 and January 31, 2023. 365 days, more than 550 names finally! What was initially a small personal challenge (daily publication, following the order of the holiday calendar to wish*) became for me a real pleasure every day, a dive into this multitude of names, familiar or strange, outdated or classic...
My lifelong taste for variations and experimentation has allowed me to propose a wide range of writings, styles, techniques, supports, resulting in a catalogue of the infinite richness that calligraphy offers.
The stakes and the pressure (quite relative!) that I imposed on myself found an echo in the expectation that was created by my faithful «followers»! Every day was an opportunity for an exchange, a sharing, a stimulating comment.

I was able to see how the few letters that make up our identity touched us, by the reactions that aroused the view of his first name or that of a relative, executed live in various calligraphies.
It is undeniable that my own emotional relationship to the first names I drew was not without consequences on my choices of style, writing or execution. Some inspired me more than others, but the pleasure I always take in my work never made me publish a video that I did not fully assume...

I then started a «Season 2» which did not last a full year, and which will perhaps be the subject of a second volume... it covered less common names, either downright forgotten, or on the contrary very modern and original.
In the meantime, you will be able to browse these pages where the names are added (no longer in the order of their realization, but in alphabetical order).
Of course you will only see here the final result of the calligraphy, but if you just want to consult them on my Instagram or Facebook acccount, as you can see below
Vincent Geneslay
Instagram @vgeneslay
Facebook  vincent.geneslay.71
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